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We are fully IPAF trained, experienced and licensed to use powered access equipment. Our client`s have complete peace of mind when choosing Blue Sky Guttering Ltd. The optical bird gel works by the fact that birds can see the ultraviolet colours in the gel which looks like flames to them. This discreet form of preventative bird control is ideal for commercial properties and is suitable for all types of weather conditions. Bird wire is an almost invisible way of deterring birds from the roof of your building. The wire is tensioned to prevent the perching of birds whilst keeping the aesthetics of the building maintained. We can provide free quotations for residential properties either from site plans and specifications or we can carry out site surveys.
We'll also discuss how much can Chinese equipment makers serve the new high-efficiency n-type expansions and where is the opportunity still for European, US and Korean/Japanese tool makers in PV. Finally we'll have a special session on thin-film investments/technologies. Understand fully the technical and logistical supply chains that determine the production and performance of solar modules, including all related factors impacting quality, reliability & bankability. An investment of £20,000 will save you approximately £2,500 a year on energy bills.

Once done, you can pay to have the panels disposed of which could or even have them disposed of for free if it is under 20 panels. Getting the panels removed should cost about £300 to £500, and you should budget another £100 to have the panels disconnected from the house mains. This doesn’t take labour into solar thermal installers birmingham consideration which could cost between £50 to £100 per hour and includes waste disposal. Solar panels are favourably looked upon by the UK government and are catered for under ‘permitted developments’. That said, it is necessary to ensure that they are not fitted above the highest point of the property.

Ideal for open spaces where systems can be installed quickly and easily. Panels are integrated into the roof surface to blend in with the surrounding area, usually used on complete roof refurbishments or new build. For maximum efficiency panels should be located to receive as much light as possible where there are no surrounding buildings or trees to shade or obscure the light from the sun. All of our products are covered by manufacturer’s guarantee and we source the most suitable products for each installation from the best manufacturers across Europe. To receive the standard rate Feed in Tariff your property will have to meet the energy efficiency requirements to achieve an EPC of band D or better.
Last October over 650 energy professionals came together to celebrate an unprecedented year of industry achievement. The ITC extension and COP21 have had a profound impact on the state of the American solar market allowing new players to enter the market. The Republic of Ireland’s PV market is expected to reach 1-2GW by 2019.
While this isn’t a must, it is the most effective way to get the best out of the panels. It may be tempting to cut costs by getting a less qualified professional, but this will only cost more in the long run as they might do a poor job which you’ll pay for later.

There is no need for safety checks for ground source heat pumps and routine maintenance requirements are very low. These may include pre-heating season checks of the water pump, external pipes and fittings and electronics. The length of the ground loop depends on the size of your home and the amount of heat you need. Longer loops can draw more heat from the ground, but need more space to be buried in. A GSHP circulates a mixture of water and antifreeze around a loop of pipe, called a ground loop. Heat from the ground is absorbed into the fluid and then passes through a heat exchanger into the heat pump. Servicing costs and maintenance are estimated to be similar to a standard boiler – although a specialist will be required.
Large-Scale Solar UK was the first and only dedicated sell-out large-scale conference of its kind launched in 2013. With a guided site visit included and additional planners' workshop to took place on 29 April, this year's event was hosted at Kelham Hall in Nottinghamshire. An extensive conference programme focusing on large-scale solar in the UK will follow on in April 2015. Doing Solar Business in the UK is an international programme, promoting and educating the international solar community on trade opportunities and policy updates within the UK solar market. In addition, Solar Media will also be hosting our newest seminar series, Doing Solar Business in East & West Africa taking place alongside the UK programme. The 'Doing Solar Business' one-day seminars are held in Munich during Intersolar.

If you’re interested in installing a heat pump with the Green Homes Grant give us a call on . We show you clear information that breaks down the savings you will make from solar PV. We also send our contracts to a third-party company who authenticate the savings figures in your contract.
In Northern Ireland, a 4kWp system can produce maybe 3,400 kilowatt hours of electricity per year, equaling a typical home's needs. If your system is producing more electricity than you need, you can sell any surplus right back to the grid. You are paid by the UK government's Feed-in Tariffs for any electricity you make, even if you are using it.
You should understand how your new Biomass will work for your home before signing a contractor for its installation. Some appliances, particularly boilers, have self-cleaning systems which will collect ash from the combustion grate and the heat exchanger tubes. If there is no automatic ash cleaning mechanism in place the boiler will need to be shut down periodically so that this can be done by hand. A stove burns logs or pellets to heat a single room – and may be fitted with a back boiler to provide water heating as well. A boiler burns logs, pellets or chips, and is connected to a central heating and hot water system. Normally the battery storage system will monitor the battery performance and should give you an indication when your batteries need replacing. To prevent freezing in a power cut Monobloc heat pumps require anti-freeze to be used.

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