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In China he was a masseur at an International Fencing club in Beijing, a casual masseur for the Hungarian Men’s Sabre Fencing team, a leading USA Ice Hockey team and a Ligue 2 French football team. He has gained a wealth of best massage canberra experience and how to be able to adapt his skills to the needs of the client. Still today his biggest joy comes from seeing patients recover and regain their full physical capacity, this is the driving force behind Yi.
Here at the Chinese Treatment Centre, in the Canberra suburb of Turner we have several massage therapists that can provide a variety of massage services. Our practitioner will consult with you to provide the ideal massage treatment. Chinese massage is an excellent remedial massage therapy that uses a variety of hand techniques and soft-tissue manipulation. This massage can be used to complement an acupuncture treatment.

Aromatic Wood Thai Massage – This venue in Phillip offers an array of holistic treatments, from relaxation massages to hot oil and foot reflexology. Yes, if you have private health insurance with extras cover massage therapy in Canberra is generally included. Check your coverage to see what is included and what the limits are, it will usually not cover the cost of a full session but part of the session.
Tuina was one of the earliest methods in ancient China of treating illness. It was designed to prevent problems by keeping the body’s energy in balance and health maintained. It has since undergone several thousand years of practice and development, resulting in a discipline that is unique and comprehensive, and which aligns its theory perfectly with its practice. For this reason, Tuina is considered to be a more therapeutic extension of western massage. It also enhances acupuncture results to achieve the Yin Yang balance. Tuina evolved to treat paediatric problems before occidental medicine was introduced in China to help younger children overcoming the difficulties of drinking herbs or accepting acupuncture needles. It was also designed to treat some conditions that, in western medicine, usually require a physiotherapist, chiropractor or an osteopath.

They’ve helped this battered about old body get rid of the daily pain of old injuries. Traditional Chinese Massage is conveniently located in Canberra’s city centre, making it the perfect lunch break getaway. The team behind Traditional Chinese Massage have years of experience delivering personalised services that meet your specific needs, all of which are provided in a comfortable, relaxed environment. Are you carrying tension in your back, shoulders, or hips? The Sports Club Zone has been created by sports physios and is full of resources and information to help sports clubs and sports trainers.
Use the full hour for a delightful massage in your choice of style , or treat those tired tootsies to a little rejuvenating foot reflexology as well. If you're still undecided, check out our massage 101 guide for more information about the most popular types of therapies. Reflexology – This special of massage involves applying pressure to parts of the feet and hands, can help with migraines and sleep disorders.
It is different from tradition massage techniques and affects the client on a spiritual and emotional level in ways that no other massage does. You can straightaway claim back treatment by Eftpos Healthpoint with your health fund Card except HCF. Chinese massage, like any other massage, involves manipulation and pressure applied to the muscles to relieve tension, pain or stress. The difference about Chineses massage is there may be acupressure involved, as well as reflexology style application. As anyone who's felt an elbow in a knotted muscle will tell you, massage can be uncomfortable at times. It shouldn't be outright painful, though, so make sure you say something if the pressure is getting too much.

At the clinic we also can provide therapeutic and lymphatic drainage massage as well as Shiatsu. The staff at the centre have many years’ experience in the various massage techniques we use at the centre and can discuss what the best method is for you circumstances. The dedicated team behind Natural Health Massage deliver some of the best Chinese remedial massage and acupuncture in the region. Located a stone’s throw from Canberra’s bustling downtown, Natural Health Massage has provided client-tailored, all-natural treatments to local residents for more than 15 years. Visit their experienced team of therapists and walk out feeling lighter, more relaxed, and ready to take on the day. Yao is a qualified remedial massage therapist who likes to incorporate relaxation massage in with myofascial release, deep tissue work, and trigger point therapy. Combining eastern and western techniques makes for a relaxing, yet effective massage in relieving tight muscles from every day use or injuries from overuse.
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