Wellbeing Workshops For Organisations

Participants will leave the workshop with a thorough overview of what mindfulness is, practical experiences of mindfulness and and simple mindfulness techniques to integrate at work and daily life. Mid West ARIESrun a varied programme of events and wellbeing and recovery workshops during the month of June. Online workshops are a great way to meet people and learn from each other.
I have recommended you and the [#IamRemarkable] workshop to so many already - it is a must for every woman who ever questions herself. Your approach made me feel safe, secure, and able to be bluntly honest with complete strangers wellbeing workshops from all over the world!! What was a shock - those who I saw as 'sorted' or accomplished, have near identical feelings and issues of undervaluing and hoping they will be seen and not have to stand up for their worth.

Identify, explore, and manage your sleep habits through evidence-based techniques and strategies designed to promote and increase overall energy throughout the day. Learn how to sleep more deeply and re-initiate effective sleep after disruptions and disturbances. We will identify the facets of total sleep care/regeneration, explore sleep assessment tools and strategies, and learn mindfulness exercises that can promote and encourage better sleeping habits.
The physical distance between work and home has disappeared for many of us. It is important to create different types of “distance” between work and home to sustain work-life balance. Check out this video to learn strategies to create this balance. The MyWay to Health team is here to support you with your health and wellness goals.

We will continue to evolve our workshops and develop new ones to ensure that we address your needs with relevant support. When employees lack self-awareness and connection to their purpose, they make uninformed decisions that change the course of their future and may affect your company. A Laughter Workout, which alternates between interactive clapping, breathing, affirming and laughter exercises, designed to increase energy levels, create positive energy and a positive mindset. Our teacher allowed time to talk about ourselves and our action plans.
E are living in what some have described as a ‘stress pandemic’. Yet, in today’s market, companies require high-performing individuals and teams to remain competitive. In this highly-customizable, 1-day workplace wellbeing workshop, our corporate wellbeing experts teach participants what it takes to build a culture of employee wellbeing in order to sustain high performance.
I found the case study videos extremely interesting as they demonstrated clearly how people had been affected by their sensory challenges and how they can be supported to manage these effectively. It is not necessary to be an artist or even 'good at art' to get benefits. What we create is an expression of our own authentic voice. Sadly, we often feel discouraged by negative past experiences. It allows us to express feelings we may not be able to put into words — or even be aware of — yet these may take an ongoing toll on our mental and physical wellbeing. Not only have participants been able to use the NRL team’s resources in the Stacey Jones Room but they’ve also had access to the gym for a physical component.

Stay engaged by joining theMyWay to Health Microsoft Teams Channel. You will have access to virtual Wellness Workshop cooking classes, weekly wellness content, and support from your wellness consultants and WashU community. More information on MyWay to Health and free wellness consultations.
Reclaiming Intimacy After Trauma is not offered during summer session. Exploring Relationships After Trauma is not offered during summer session. Mindfully Managing Stress not offered during summer session. Depression Skills Group is not offered during summer session.

This workshop will help you learn how mental health stigma affects us all in both similar and unique ways across cultures, races, sexual orientations, and all facets of our identities. The research shows us how promoting wellbeing at work can also lead to improved creativity, better relationships between staff, engagement and - dare I say it - happiness. Oh, and it can save businesses an incredible amount of money. We facilitate Workplace Wellbeing Workshops that allow people to explore the Power of Laughter and Positive Energy for enhanced health and wellbeing. Join us to learn how to embed a positive culture and create psychological safety for your community of students, staff, and faculty. “My team was overwhelmed with positive emotion after taking the #IamRemarkable workshop.
Similarly, members often state they feel supported by one another and experience more joy and a sense of connectedness by attending group and using skills. This is a semester long commitment and screening is required. A supportive space for students who identify as womxn of color. We will cover a variety of topics including mental health, intersecting identities and womxnhood, microaggressions, community, self-esteem, social relationships, and cultural experiences. Like having a gym membership for your physical health, regular creative arts activities do the same for your mental wellbeing.
All of our past workshops are loaded into the FidlLeaf platform for our customers to view. See our subscription options for individuals and companies for more information. If there’s a workshop you wish to sign up for and the registration page isn’t live yet then just sign up for the one displayed and you’ll be notified when the next one is released. Help you start making choices that move you in the direction of living your life more fully. Addressing how you can begin to make changes to thoughts and behaviors in order to better manage depression.

Each workshop is interactive and dynamic stretching the mind and the body. Licensed clinical professionals are available, upon request, to provide workshops on a number of topics including stress, grief/loss, suicide prevention, and many other college mental health topics. For departments and student organizations that would like a counselor to facilitate discussion with students, please contact us by completing the information on this workshop request form. The mental wellbeing impact of the workshop is different for every attendee.

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